The Mississippi Center for Medically Fragile Children is a nonprofit organization based in Jackson, Mississippi. Its mission is to provide the first pediatric skilled nursing facility in the state of Mississippi that not only helps children and families transition from the hospital back to their homes, but also provides long-term care for some of our state’s most vulnerable pediatric patients.
The facility will work closely with children’s hospitals to help families make the transition from the hospital back to their homes smoothly and safely.


What does medically fragile mean?


The term refers to an array of chronic medical conditions that require specialized care. Patients are typically medically dependent (infusion therapy, intravenous medications, etc.) or technologically dependent (ventilator, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), etc.).

"While our doors will be open to these patients for as long as they need, our true desire is to send them home."


Deborah H. Bryant

Donor Levels/Information
  • The vision for the facility is for it to be in a wooded area offering patients, and their families,  more "homelike" environment that bridges them to their daily lives.
  • The facility will work closely with the Children's Hospital to help families make the transition from the hospital back to their homes smoothly and safely.
  • A variety of inpatient and outpatient services and therapies will be offered that are tailored to the pediatric patients' needs.
  • The facility will be a 30-bed pediatric skilled nursing facility and will be located near the Mississippi Library Commission and Mississippi Schools for the Blind and the Deaf.
Medical objectives
  • Four long-term patients, who currently live at Children's Hospital, will be transitioned to the facility for permanent residency.
  • After more than six years of research and development, Mississippi is ready to lead the nation in long-term pediatric palliative care.
  • Received C.O.N. approved from the Mississippi Department of Health.
  • Families First for Mississippi is a partner of the project and will offer services to families at the facility.